Dept. of Microbiology

Message from Chairman

It is my great pleasure to invite you to explore the Jessore University of Science and Technology (JUST) online through our website. Contribution of science and technology for developing a nation is well known to all. To meet up the diversified demand of people, information and communication technology and biological sciences are playing the key role. University is the most suitable place for education and research. Universities are playing a vital role in building efficient manpower for the development of the country as well as for the global need. With a view to imparting science and technology oriented education in Bangladesh, the Jessore University of Science & Technology was established in 2007 by the Shadhinota Shorok (Independence Road) in Jessore district.

Department's View

Microbiology was established in 2008. Degree Offered:B. Sc. (Hons.); M. Sc; PhD. The department of MB is proud of providing the best education possible on microbiological fields. This department has a great way of approaching the study, works and research on microbiological problems and solutions related to health, environment, nature and human life. We are always available here to provide you with the best education in the fields of microbiology and related sides in a friendly and helpful environment. The department conceives to train people who will develop the society technologically particularly in areas relating to human welfare and progress.

Contact Info

Department of Microbiology
Jessore University of Science and Technology
Jessore-7408, Bangladesh

Fax: +88 0421 61199

Phone (office): +88 0421 62020 Ext. 205

Laboratory Facilities

The department ensures sophisticated lab facilities with advanced molecular research. It is possible to detect any types of microorganisms associated with infectious disease, microbial contamination in food, water quality, antimicrobial capacity of biological and plant materials, microbial drug resistance and so on. The lab also provides the facility to analyze of bacterial genome and their association with various diseases.

Computer Lab

Electronics Lab

Graduate Career Options

There are diversified professional areas in the country as well as throughout the world. Among them some notable areas are Food industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Agro-based industries, Diagnostic centers, Hospitals, Biotechnology based industries, Fermentation and beverage based industries.

Faculty Members

Md. Iqbal Kabir Jahid, Ph.D
Associate Professor and Chairman

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Md. Tanvir Islam
Assistant Professor (On Study Leave)

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Shovon Lal Sarkar

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Nasif Sayed
Lecturer(On Study Leave,USA)

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