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This is my great gratification to look at the department of Textile Engineering (TE), Jessore University of Science and Technology (JUST). Textile science and clothing manufacturing sector of Bangladesh has been rising swiftly to convene the requirements of the massive population of the country as well as for the export sector which is prosperous due to our available manpower supply. It contributes to more than 80% of total export earnings. There are about 385 Spinning Mills, 721 Weaving Mills, Export oriented 800 and local 2000 Knit Composite Mills, 310 Dyeing, Printing, Finishing Mills and 5063 export oriented Ready Made Garments (RMG) in Bangladesh which is the world’s 2nd biggest exporter. At present more than four million people are working directly in garments factories and the demand of textile engineers is increasing radically with the rapid growth of the garments sector. Bangladesh’s overall export earnings stood at $34.83 billion in FY’17, which is 1.68% higher than the $34.25 billion a year ago. Bangladesh earned $28.09 billion ($14.74 billion from woven and $13.35 billion from knit) which was 80.7% of the total earnings in exports and 12.36% of GDP from the clothing industry. It is anticipated that garment export will be doubled in the coming 10 years. Currently, textile industry accounts for 45% of all industrial employments in the country. Bangladeshi apparel makers have set a target of raising the annual export volume to $50 billion in 2021. 60% of Bangladesh’s RMG products are exported to the EU market others new market zone Australia and rest of to America. The large and growing textile and apparel manufacturing industry in Bangladesh has been placing a rising demand of highly trained and skillful manpower with technical and managerial background.
For the greater interest and progressive prospect of Textile sector in Bangladesh, the university authority has launched the four year under graduate program entitled “B.Sc. in Textile Engineering” under the faculty of “Engineering and Technology” from academic session 2017-2018 through admitting twenty students.
This department is persistent in its effort to build up the students not only as skilled engineers but also as artistic and efficient responsible person of the country. The enthusiastic and experienced faculty members are intending to share the latest technological information and developments in the Textile sectors to the students for keeping them updated. I express my gratitude to all the faculty members, students, guardians, officials and staffs of the department for their hard effort and devotion for the development of this department as well as this university.

Department's View

The B. Sc. in Textile Engineering program of JUST has been premeditated to accomplish the requirements of our national textile industries for professional manpower as well as for export of trained and competent manpower overseas. The RMG sector has been recognized to have extensively contributed to the GDP of Bangladesh in the figure of foreign earning and has playing a immense role towards women empowerment by creating innumerable career which builds towards the socio-economic improvement at the grass root levels. The Department of Textile Engineering is to be an ingredient of the combined endeavor for enhancing the socio-economic development of the country by offering standard prominence education with a view to preparing trained and skilled textile engineers and by contributing to the great amplification of the textile sector.
It has been designed for the well being of students to acquire modernized proper knowledge, practical experience and understanding the principle and techniques of Textile Engineering. The main aim of the department is to draw the potential talent and aptitude of our youths so that they can meet the challenge of the modern era. We foster the growth of innovative professionals, scientists and engineers who firmly hold the trust and confidence of the community at large. The well facilitated and modern labs are under construction.
The program will not only enhance the basic knowledge and self-reliance of students but will ultimately assist build up their hauler as expert technologists by promoting excellence of our products and for elevating of manufacturing technology.

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Department of Textile  Engineering
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Career Scope:

Textile is the leading sector in Bangladesh in terms of foreign currency earnings. More than 80% of the annual foreign currency is earned in Bangladesh by exporting from the Ready Made Garments (RMG) as well as textile sectors with ensuring the world class quality and price. Graduates from Textile Engineering department of Jessore University of Science and Technology have a huge opportunity in the private job sectors such as spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, finishing, cutting, sewing, washing, merchandising, marketing, fashion designing etc. The graduates can take the scope to serve in different Gov’t sectors in Bangladesh likely Bangladesh Jute Research Institute, Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation, Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation, Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution, Jute Diversification and Promotion Centre, Export Processing Zones, Ministry of Jute and Textiles, Bangladesh Hand Loom board, customs etc. There are also lot of opportunities in banking sectors, testing institutes, consultancy farms, research and teaching. From spinning to apparel, from textile backward linkage to forward linkage such as raw materials, accessories and trims, the textiles and clothing industry is Bangladesh’s major export earner. Therefore the scope for those who are concerned in acquiring a degree in textile engineering is massive and extremely worthwhile. The programs offered in the department of Textile Engineering intend to train the students to be vastly accomplished, enthusiastic and responsible textile engineers who will be able to contribute to the textile sector proficiently. The department wishes to produce not only qualified textile engineers to rally the rising demand of the major growing economic segment of Bangladesh but also good human beings who will be capable of donate to the society, nation and the world.

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