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MS in Aquaculture (Ughent, Belgium), MS in Fisheries Biology and Genetics (BAU), BSc in Fisheries (KU)
Fisheries and Marine Bioscience

Aquaculture, Molecular genetics, Fish diseases and Microbiology

1. Gain, D., Mahfuj, M.S., Huq, K.A., Islam, S.S., & Minar, M.H., Goutham-Bharathi, M.P. & Das, S.K., (2017). Landmark-based Morphometric and Meristic Variations of Endangered Mrigal Carp, Cirrhinus cirrhosus (Bloch 1795), from Wild and Hatchery Stocks. Sains Malaysiana, 46(5), 695-702.
2. Mahfuj, M.S., Ashraful, M., Parvez, I., Minar, M.H., & Samad, A., (2017). Morphological variations of Labeo bata populations (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in six rivers of Bangladesh: a landmark-morphometric contribution. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 4(3), 270-280.
3. Mahfuj, M.S., 2015. Effects of a Plant-Based Compound on Macrobrachium rosenbergii Larviculture. Master's dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Aquaculture. Ghent University, Belgium.
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Annex-2 (Abstract/Proceedings publications)

1) Mahfuj, MS., Minar, M.H. and Sarkar, M.J. 2014. Landmark based morphometric and meristic variation of the endangered Bata (Labeo bata) population in the south western part of Bangladesh, using truss network system. Sixth Fisheries Conference and research fair, 2012. Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council, Dhaka.18-19 January, 2012. Page 22.
2) Mahfuj, M.S., Khan, M. M. R. and Ahmad, Q.N. 2012. Chromosomal studies and quantitative karyotypic analysis of rohu, Labeo rohita. 5th Fisheries Conference and research fair, 2012. Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council, Page 27.
3) Mahfuj, M. S., 2011. Study on Cytological condition and Chromosome Measurements of Oreochromis niloticus.
Asian pacific aquaculture, 2011. Le Meridian Resort and Convention Center, (Kerala Agricultural University) Kochi,
India. January 17-20, 2011. P. 290.

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