Important Downloads

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General Downloads:

Download unicode font ‘Nikosh’
RFQ Form
Travelling approval form
Police Varification Form
Guideline to be a member of any Club Approved by JUST authority
WiFi Connection Form for Employee
WiFi Connection Form for Student
Campus Map
Pay Fixation Form
JUST Logo (95 KB)
JUST Phone Book
Postgraduate Application Form
JUST Prospectus
Vehicle requisition form
Application Form for the Post of an Officer
Teacher Recruitment Application Form

Individual’s NOC:

NOC of Khairunnahar(Section Officer, Grade-2, Office of the Account)
NOC Mr. Rony Mallick of (Lecturer, Physics)
NOC of Dr Mrityunjoy Biswas (Professor, Agro Product Processing Technology)
NOC of Rokshana Sharmin (Assistant Professor, Pharmacy)
NOC of Md. Maruf Hossain (Office Assistant, IPE)
NOC of Dr. Md. Humaun Kabir(Assistant Professor, Physics)
NOC of Dr. Md. Abdullah Al Mamun (Assistnat Professor, English)
NOC of Dr. Biplob Kumar Biswas (Professor, Chemical Engineering)
NOC of Md. Mehedi Hasan (Lecturer, EEE)
NOC of Tarun Kumer Biswas(Lecturer, IPE)
NOC of Md. Sarower-E-Mahfuj (Lecturer, FMB)
NOC of Md. Feroz Kabir (Lecturer, dept of PESS)
NOC of Rashidur Rahman (Assistant Professor, Pharmacy)
NOC of Rashida Parvin (Assistant Professor, NFT)
NOC of Md. Mofizur Rahman (Driver)
NOC of Dr. Md. Wasikur Rahman (Asst. Professor, Chemical Engineering)
NOC Of Md. Faruk Hossain (Lecturer, Dept of Physics)
NOC of Md. Nazrul Islam (Assistant Controller)
NOC Of Dinalo Chakma (Lecturer, Dept of English)
NOC of MD. Mehedi Hasan (Lecturer, Physics)
NOC of Md. Imran Sheikh (Lecturer, Dept. of Management)
NOC Of Rashida Parvin (Assistant Professor, NFT)
NOC of Md. Rafiul Hasan (Lecturer, Chemical Engineering)
NOC Of Shovon Lal Sarkar (Lecturer, Microbiology Dept.)
NOC of Mr. Jwel Ahmed, Transport Division, Registrar Office
NOC of Mr. Md. Asaduzzaman, Section Officer (Grade 2), Accounts
NOC of Mr. Sudipto Shahin (Office assistant, BME dept.)
NOC of Md. Moznuzzaman, Assistant Professor, EEE
NOC of Md. Ashraful Islam (Office Assistant, Student Counseling and Guidance)
NOC of Mr. Sheikh Mustafizur Rahman (Office Assistant, EEE)
NOC of Farhana Islam (Pharmacy)
NOC of Dr. Selina Akter
NOC of Mr. Mohammed Reazul Hoq
NOC of Samina Zaman
NOC Of Chitrolekha Karmakar
NOC of Md. Sumon Rahman
NOC of Sahanaz Parvin
NOC of Mr. Hamidur Rahman
NOC of Mr. Sarder Farid Ahmed
NOC of Mrs. Afroza Khatun
NOC of Mrs. Rakiba Zabin
NOC of Mr. Rakibul Hasan
NOC of Mr. Waliuzzaman
NOC of Mr. Tasrik
NOC of Mr. Masum
NOC of Mr. Ahad
NOC of Mr. Milon Kumar Das
NOC of Mr. Wahab
NOC of Mr. Biplob
NOC of Mr. Hafiz
NOC of Mr. Azgor
NOC of Mr. Faruk
NOC of Mr. Shimul Islam
NOC of Mr. Mahfuz Al Hasan
NOC of Mrs. Hasna Hena
NOC of Dr. Md. Omar Faruque (NFT dept.)
NOC of Mr. Azgor
NOC of Mr. Abbas
NOC of Mr. Khaledur Rahman
NOC of Mrs. Srabonti Banarjee
NOC of Mr. Poritosh Kumar
NOC of Mr. Abu Hanif
NOC of Mr. Nasim
NOC of Mr. Asaduzzaman
NOC of Mr. Robiul
NOC of Mr. Mehedi
NOC of Mr. Halim
NOC of Mr. Ahsan Habib
NOC of Mr. Arif
NOC of Mr. Sahed
NOC of Mr. Torun
NOC of Ms. Shamima
NOC of Mr. Aminul
NOC of Mr. Samiul
NOC of Mr. Mahfuz
NOC of Dr. Dipok
NOC of Mr. Samrat
NOC of Ms. Chitrolekha
NOC of Mr. Jamil
NOC of Mr. Sharif
NOC of Ms. Nasima
NOC of Mr. Sobuj
NOC of Mr. Bulbul
NOC of Mr. Masud
NOC of Mr. Nasif
NOC of Mr. Zahid
NOC of Mr. Tanvir
NOC of Mr. Mustafiz
NOC of Mr. Jahangir